Chandler Catanzaro

One of the many things we get to do while running our small business, is to attend various events through the year. I’m exceptionally grateful for this, not only because I enjoy working, but we wouldn’t have access to many of these events otherwise. From weddings to strategy meetings, award shows and concerts, it’s always different and always interesting. In this particular case we were brought on by Mr. Bobby Austell, an athletics coach at Christ Church Episcopal school, to film the 38th annual ‘Turner Memorial Prayer Breakfast’ at First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC. Our main purpose that day was to capture the event, so that any who unfortunately could not attend would be able to experience the day for themselves. Mr. Austell, our client, was a coach to our speaker several years previous; athlete, tall person and all round nice guy Chandler Catanzaro. Before we get into too many details about the event, let me provide a quick background on Chandler (Catman) Catanzaro, for those of you who are as immersed in American football as I am.

Chandler is a placekicker, one of the best! He started his career playing in High School, then represented Clemson University (where he earned 10 school records) and has now moved onto the literal big leagues, playing for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. On October 26, 2014 he made his 16th consecutive field goal from the start of his career without a miss, this set a brand new an NFL rookie record. Seriously, he is that good; but back to my main point. My team and I decided the best way to capture the prayer breakfast would be to use to two cameras to capture the video needed. This way we would ensure not a single detail was missed and also to have a separate DSLR for our stills. We arrived early that morning and captured various bits footage of people arriving and greeting one another; as well as the massive lines for the hearty breakfast of bacon and doughnuts. As Chandler took the stage, we took our places hit record and listened as the crowd began to settled down and listen to all he had to say. Chandler had a brilliant message for audience, and the student athletes in attendance especially. A message that focused on determination, hard work, patience and faith. Catanzaro talked to us about his early attempts at sports; how his plans didn’t always turn out as he wished, but ultimately seemed to end in something even better. He expressed his frustrations at being beaten at the last moment by other students, how nervous he was when it came to the NFL draftings, and his disappointment at losing games at college. His message was climatically a positive one, “Our plan and God’s plan can be entirely different things. Have faith, be still and listen. In my experience God’s plan is always much, much better.” We may experience disappointments, failures and frustrations but those are only tools used to strengthen the spirit and forge resolve. My team and I have attended many events, with motivation speakers; but few have had the poignancy and humility displayed by Chandler Catanzaro. Not only was this seen in how he presented himself on stage, but in how he interacted with the children and young athletes that were excited to meet with him after the event for autographs and pictures. It’s truly refreshing and impressive to meet a competitive athlete who is willing to admit his past failings so openly, that other’s may learn from his experience and be encouraged. Towards the bottom of this page you’ll find a short trailer for the Prayer Breakfast that we cut together for Mr. Austell. It should provide a quick glimpse into all that occurred that the morning; but if you would prefer to see the speech in full, you can find the video by clicking here.

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