michael gibbons


I first became infatuated with photography in 2000. At the time, my father was given a Pentax DSLR for his birthday, and that camera lead us on hundreds of adventures. For me photography is an instant access point to those memories. Each time I pick up the camera it’s yet another adventure, a new experience, and a fun way to reconnect with childhood.

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In the years that followed this early introduction I’ve thought myself fortunate to grown up in the Highlands of Scotland, where there was always beauty right around the corner. It was easy to run about with my camera and find a new subject, be it on the shores of Loch Ness, or with my friends down the road. In 2007 I moved to South Carolina, attended university, and then went into business full time four years after graduation.

There is a certain yearning photographers experience that can’t be satisfied without travel and adventure. Over the past decade I’ve found work in Scotland, Israel, Grand Bahama, England, The Dominican Republic, and across the United States.

Working as a commercial and lifestyle photographer has been immensely rewarding, but has certainly kept me on my toes. It’s a form of photography that revolves around capturing spontaneity; as well as creating a shot that speaks to the viewer. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life capturing moments, shaping light, and sharing big stories and little moments with you.


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